Data center news and updates

Data center news and updates

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  • COVID-19

    Colt DCS is continuing to carefully monitor the COVID-19 situation

    Data Centres 30 Mar 2020

    As news develops around the spread of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Colt DCS is continuing to carefully monitor the...

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  • zurich data center

    Zurich’s competitiveness, location and quality of life are alluring for investors

    Data Centres 17 Feb 2020

    Colt DCS maintains a state-of-the-art data centre in Zurich that’s ideal for customers looking for energy efficiency and...

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  • data center energy efficiency

    Energy efficiency - How Colt DCS has lowered P.U.E. scores

    Data Centres 17 Dec 2019

    Bigger isn’t always better. The smaller the PUE number, the more efficient the data centre operations.

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  • hyperscale data centers

    The importance of hyperscale data centers

    Hyperscale 31 Jul 2019

    The importance of hyperscale data centers. Colocation data centres are evolving to meet the needs of hyperscale data...

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  • why msps should partner for colocation services

    Why MSPs should partner for colocation services

    Data Centres 30 Jul 2019

    Colocation services are in high demand from organizations of all sizes and industries, providing significant incremental...

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  • Frankfurt West Data Center

    Expansion in Germany with new Frankfurt data center

    Data Centres 12 Jun 2019

    Expansion in Germany announced with new Frankfurt location.

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  • Berlin and Hamburg data centers

    Berlin and Hamburg colocation data centers

    Data Centres 11 Feb 2019

    Berlin and Hamburg attractive locales for enterprises in need of colocation space. Data centers are increasingly...

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  • Remote Hands

    Colt DCS offers remote hands and other support services

    Value Added Services 21 Jan 2019

    Remote hands and other support services. Enterprises may decide to outsource IT operations as a cost-cutting measure,...

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  • Mumbai data center

    Mumbai data center

    Data Centres 17 Jan 2019

    We're opening a new data centre in Mumbai. This new location will help hyperscale operators and other companies meet the...

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