We are a sustainable hyperscale data centre provider.

At Colt Data Centre Services we believe in a sustainable hyperscale future.  We design, construct and operate hyperscale data centres where you can rapidly scale capacity as you need and expand your presence in the locations that matter to you. You can have peace of mind knowing that your data is located in staffed environments 24/7, 365 days a year, supported by intelligent security systems.

As your strategic partner, we can help you accelerate your speed to market, opening up opportunities in new and emerging markets. Our world class data centre facilities are 100% carrier and IX neutral. With customer centricity as a core pillar of our business, you can depend on the support of a diverse global team of experts with intricate local knowledge. Each team is dedicated to continually innovating to future-proof our solutions.

That future is a reality. That future is now.

We are focused on delivering hyperscale data centre solutions that meet the needs of our customers and of our planet. We are global. We are connected. We are secure. We are sustainable hyperscale.

Colt Data Centre Services

Your Hyperscale and Colocation gateway to Europe and Asia

Colt DCS is 100% carrier neutral, so you can manage private and secure connections to all major cloud platforms, for hyperscale environments, colocation and hybrid cloud connectivity, no matter where you are.

Data centre locations to consider

We operate 18 state-of-the-art data centres, spanning 7 cities across Europe and Asia Pacific, offering 24/7 security and local language support.

data centre locations in europe

Data centre locations in Europe

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Data centre locations in Asia

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Hyperscale and Colocation solutions

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Hyperscale data centre

Hyperscale Solutions

With over 25 years of experience, we specialise in the design, build and operational management, of hyperscale data centres.

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Colocation data centre

Colocation Services

Store, protect and access critical data and equipment simply and cost-effectively, at one of our secure and 100% carrier-neutral data centres.

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Reporting Dashboard

Central Telemetry Platform

Use real-time telemetry data to support the management of your data centre workloads by using our Central Telemetry Platform (CTP)

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Cloud Connectivity

Connectivity Services

Our connectivity is 100% carrier, cloud and IX neutral, delivered on demand. Leverage pre-provisioned connectivity to any data centre or service provider.

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Data centre Value added services

Value Added Services

Our professionals offer a range of support services that enable you to get on with running your business. From Remote Hands, through to Business Continuity.

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