Colt Chennai Data Centre

Colt Chennai Data Centre

Expansion into Southern India

Colt DCS have acquired a 10 acre plot in Southern India with plans to commence the first phase of development of our Colt Chennai Data Centre.

Located in the fast growing digital hub of Ambuttur Chennai, the new hyperscale facility will consist of two buildings spanning across a gross site area of over 76,000m2 . Designed to a Tier 3 specification, on completion, our Colt Chennai Data Centre will deliver a minimum of 72MW of IT power.

Built to serve India’s rapidly growing digital market and to serve Chennai’s goal to become a $1 trillion economy by 2030, our Colt Chennai Data Centre will be perfectly designed to meet the needs of hyperscalers and large enterprise organisations looking to partner with a data centre provider that can support high performance computing (HPC) and AI workloads.

Colt Chennai Data Centre

After securing a 10-acre plot, we plan to launch our second data centre in India in 2027 to cater to the growing digitisation in the country.

Why select Colt Chennai Data Centre?

Whether you’re an automotive manufacturer, medical institution, IT Services or Financial Services provider looking to expand your digital IT infrastructure off premises, selecting our Colt Chennai Data Centre will have many advantages:

  • Scale & Power

    A planned gross site area of over 76,000m2 enables you to scale your IT infrastructure in line with your business needs, powered by a minimum of 72MW.

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    Offering 100% carrier, cloud, and internet exchange neutrality to enable you to benefit from better cost efficiencies, improved redundancy, optimal uptime, with multi-cloud access available on demand.

  • Location

    Being built in the prime location of Ambattur, Chennai, ideally situated to gain access to the country’s major fibre landing station with the highest network speeds to support your growing connectivity needs.

  • Sustainability

    To be powered using renewable energy sources and adopting environmentally friendly operating procedures to reduce our carbon footprint and those of our wider value chain.

  • Excellence

    Our standards are tied to our technical capabilities and extend to our people, which means we have the best resources to help you achieve your growing IT infrastructure goals.

  • Market Access

    To the Southern Indian market with the right resources and experienced staff already in place, making jurisdiction laws and local market legislations no obstacle.

“We are very excited to expand our presence to Southern India with a new hyperscale data centre to be built in Chennai. This is a fantastic location for our customers as the site will be ideally situated to offer access to a high concentration of fibre routes with incredibly fast network speeds. With India experiencing rapid digitisation across its industries and generative AI technology continuing to dominate the global market, our soon-to-be-built Chennai data centre will be the perfect premises for customers that require a reliable and trusted data centre which can also support their growing power consumption, HPC or AI workloads”.
Pratap Mane

Pratap Mane - Country Head, India