Colt DCS Inzai 4 CGI

Inzai 4 Data Centre Timeline

In April 2023, Colt DCS broke-ground in Japan to mark the start of the construction of our Colt Tokyo Inzai Four Data Centre. This hyperscale facility is the fourth and newest building in our Tokyo Inzai series of developments. On completion, the Colt Tokyo Inzai Four Data Centre will deliver 19.8MW of IT power.

Explore the construction timeline below to review the key milestones completed in the build of our new data centre, of which, phase 1 is scheduled to launch in 2024.

Colt Inzai 4 Data Centre CGI

Colt Inzai 4 Data Centre - Build Progress

19.8MW of IT power

8,747m2 Gross site area

1.36 Designed PUE level

100% Carrier, cloud, and IX neutral

Ground-breaking Ceremony

Colt DCS celebrates the ground-breaking ceremony of its fourth hyperscale data centre in Inzai: Colt Tokyo Inzai Data Centre Four.


Land Preparation

Ahead of construction, the land is prepared to allow for the site’s foundations to be laid.

Colt DCS Inzai 4 Land preparations

Foundations Laid

The trenches of the site are created, steel work and piling to support the ground level is carried out, and the building foundations are set with concreate.