Colt Data Centre Osaka Keihanna

Osaka Keihanna Data Centre

Highly secure facility located in Keihanna Science City, the Kansai area

Colt Osaka Keihanna Data Centre is located in Keihanna, providing a highly convenient facility that can be accessed within 60 minutes from Osaka, Kyoto and Nara. Purpose-designed to meet the high security needs of customers with mission-critical data, Colt Osaka Keihanna Data Centre is a base-isolation building, allowing the building to withstand major earthquakes of up to level 7 on the Japanese earthquake intensity level.

The security measures implemented at Colt Osaka Keihanna Data Centre can offer high security measures and provides flexible solutions to businesses looking to thrive in a fast-moving and constantly evolving business market.

Security features  for the data centre in Osaka include:

  • Surveillance camera monitoring
  • IC card verifications
  • Biometric authentication systems

Colt’s data centres throughout the Asia Pacific region are a key part of Colt’s specialised solutions, which combines data centre services with an extensive range of network services, and robust cloud services and solutions to enable multinational customers to establish IT service hubs that support their business in Asia. 

All Colt data centre services are supported by Colt’s 24/7 bilingual (Japanese and English) Service Desk.



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    Power capacity

    45MW of IT power supply to the site and dual power feed system
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    Multi-carrier connectivity also available
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    CCTV surveillance, ID card and biometric authentication systems
  • Chilled water cooling

    Chilled water cooling system with N+1 configuration dedicated per data hall

Our partners

Colt Tokyo Osaka Keihanna Data Centre is 100% carrier-neutral. We currently have the following partner networks at this location:

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Osaka Keihanna Data Centre CGI

A CGI video of our forthcoming data centre in Osaka, Keihanna Science City.

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