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  • Artificial Intelligence

    The impact of Artificial Intelligence on data centres

    Data Centres 17 Feb 2020

    The impact of Artificial Intelligence on data centres. AI has become a reality for consumers and businesses in a...

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  • green friendly data centers

    Green friendly data centres

    Data Centres 18 Dec 2019

    Colt DCS guarantees low PUEs, sustainable designs, and is committed to acquiring renewable energy in markets.

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  • hyperscale data centers

    Hyperscale data centre benefits

    Hyperscale 12 Dec 2019

    We discuss our Hyperscale services and the benefits our experience and teams bring to our global data center customers.

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  • hybrid cloud scenarios

    Colocation a viable part of hybrid cloud scenarios

    Colocation 30 Oct 2019

    Technology decision makers need to find ways to push applications and services closer to users hence the emergence of...

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  • embracing cloud computing

    Embracing cloud computing

    Connectivity 30 Oct 2019

    The embrace of cloud computing by organisations underscores the reasons for being of data centres today and those of...

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  • Planning for power

    Planning for power

    Data Centres 11 Jul 2019

    Planning for power. Planning gives organisations the ability to deliver the needed capacity, when they need it....

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  • London data centres

    London data centres

    Data Centres 09 Jul 2019

    Connecting London businesses 'Glocally' with our three London data centre locations.

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  • Disaster recovery

    The importance of disaster recovery planning and testing

    Data Centres 08 Jul 2019

    The importance of disaster recovery planning and testing. Many organisations don’t have a disaster recovery plan or...

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  • Layers of Security

    Security layers and physical security is the deterrent to mission critical environments

    Security 08 Jul 2019

    At Colt DCS, we take security seriously, from 24/7 manned environments 365 days a year to our intelligent security...

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