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150,000 Safe Working Hours achieved on Tokyo Inzai Four Data Centre

26 Apr 2024

With World Day for Safety & Health at Work being celebrating across the globe over the weekend, Colt DCS are pleased to report that 150,000 safe working hours have successfully been achieved on site at our Colt Tokyo Inzai Four Data Centre during the first phase of construction.

Being developed in Chiba New Town, on completion this this state-of-the art hyperscale data centre will deliver 19.8MW of IT power and will be ready to support high-performance computing (HPC) and AI workloads.


Our top focus is Health & Safety.

The utmost priority for Colt DCS in the development of this new hyperscale facility is the health & safety of our employees, partners, and all individuals engaged in this project. We feel that it is imperative that everyone involved in the build process feels valued, and that this is recognised by staff through our commitment to ensuring they receive the highest level of health & safety standards, whilst at work.

Through the introduction of numerous protocols and safety control measures to reduce risks, some of the ways in which the 150,000 safe working hours have been achieved include:

  • Implementing Method Statements (MS) in High Risk Activity (HRA) meetings

  • Ensuring that Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) is available and used

  • Creating and communicating safety rules & guidelines

  • Conducting safety training sessions

  • Fulfilling equipment inspection and maintenance protocols

  • Introducing inter-work coordination and safety awareness sessions

  • Conducting daily on-site patrols to identify safety risks with countermeasures in place

  • Ensuring safety pathways for all workers and vehicles

  • Adopting worker-oriented site management through activities of the Foreman's Association

“The project team has reached a significant milestone by achieving 150,000 safe working hours at our Colt Tokyo Inzai Four Data Centre during the construction process. This is a fantastic accomplishment which demonstrates the unwavering commitment from Colt DCS to prioritising worker safety above everything else”.
Takahiro Hirabayashi

Takahiro Hirabayashi - Project Manager

To find out more about our Colt Tokyo Inzai Four Data Centre and its technical specifications, visit our location page and download the datasheet.