Mumbai hyperscale data center

Mumbai Data Centre Construction Timeline

In 2020, Colt DCS began its journey in entering the Indian hyperscale data centre market by announcing the ground breaking of our Colt Mumbai Data Centre.

Over the past two years, the Mumbai construction and project team have reached a number of key milestones as they work to deliver the first phase of this soon to be launched 120MW site.

Mumbai timeline CGI

Colt Mumbai Data Centre - Build Progress

120MW of IT power

62,000m2 Gross site area

<1.40 Designed PUE level

100% Carrier, cloud, and IX neutral

Ground-breaking Ceremony

Colt DCS celebrates the ground-breaking ceremony of its first hyperscale data centre in India: Colt Mumbai Data Centre.

Mumbai timeline ground breaking

Land Preparation

The land is prepared ahead of any foundations being laid and before any construction can commence. 

Mumbai timeline land prep

Foundations Laid

The site trenches are dug, levelled and concrete is poured to set the foundations. The site is cleaned and prepared for framing. 

Power Transformers

Power transformers are delivered on site ready for positioning at future date and to support the 120MW deliverable of IT power.

Mumbai transformers

Structural Steel

Build of the data centre steel frame begins, starting with the office area followed by DC1 and DC2.

Mumbai timeline steels

Monopole Tower

Standing at 56 metres tall, the Monopole tower is erected on site to support carrier neutrality and connectivity for the city.

Mumbai Data Centre Monopole Tower

CTT Tower

Also standing at 56 meters tall and all wires connected, the CTT tower is installed to supply 140MW of power from the state grid to be transmitted through to the recently constructed Monopole tower.

Mumbai timeline CTT Tower

HSD Diesel Tanks

80,000 litre HSD diesel storage tanks are delivered onsite and positioned underground to support the power continuity.

Mumbai Data Centre Diesel Tanks

1 Million Safe Working Hours

The construction and project team celebrate 1 million safe working hours being successfully achieved onsite.

Mumbai 1 million safe working hours

Power Generators

11kV power generators delivered and positioned to support power supply on site.

Mumbai Data Center Generators

GIS Substation

The 220kv GIS sub-station is commissioned to support the electrical distribution, transmission, and generation systems.

Mumbai timeline GIS Substation

2 Million Safe Working Hours

The construction and project team celebrate 2 million safe working hours being successfully achieved onsite.

11kV Substation

The 11kV sub-station is commissioned to support the electrical distribution system to the facility.

Mumbai Data Centre 11kV Substation

DC Hall Fitting

Data centre hall final fit out in preparation for the commissioning of phase one.

Mumbai data centre fit out


IST was successfully completed with consultants and vendors and the client team.

Mumbai Data Centre IST

Phase 1 launch of our Mumbai Data Centre

We are thrilled to launch Phase 1 of our Mumbai Data Centre. The Executive Leadership Team and Fidelity, our investors, were in attendance to celebrate this exciting milestone in our data centre construction portfolio.