Sustainability matters

Sustainability at Colt DCS

Our vision is to become the most trusted and customer-centric data centre operator in the industry, while simultaneously building towards a sustainable hyperscale data centre future.

Colt DCS ESG Strategy

ESG Strategy

Colt DCS launched its global Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) strategy which set out our three strategic pillars to transform environmental, social and economic performance. These three strategic pillars are underpinned by multiple commitments and time-bound targets.

Our material topics

In 2021, we conducted a comprehensive materiality assessment to understand the ESG topics that are most relevant to our business. We engaged with staff members across different levels in our organisation and key external stakeholders through interviews and surveys. 

In 2022, we refreshed our materiality assessment to ensure our sustainability efforts prioritise the areas that are important to our stakeholders and our long-term business success. The insights of our materiality assessment became the blueprint for developing our ESG strategy. In 2024, we are panning to complete a double materiality assessment. 

Read on to find out more about our commitments and initiatives across our three strategic pillars: Decarbonising our business, Connecting people and Safeguarding our company.

Our strategic pillars

ESG Strategy Decarbonising our Business

Decarbonising our Business

We focus our efforts on scaling our business, while delivering on our commitment to become a net zero carbon company by 2045.

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ESG Strategy Connecting People

Connecting People

We aspire to create a lasting positive impact on stakeholders across our entire value chain, from customers and suppliers to local communities and our people.

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ESG Strategy Safeguarding

Safeguarding our Company

We work to ensure that we run our business responsibly and to the highest ethical standards.

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Colt DCS Sustainability

Awards and Certifications

Awards and Certifications

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Colt DCS Sustainability Report 2022

Discover how we're building towards a sustainable hyperscale data centre future.

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