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2 million safe working hours achieved on Mumbai data centre

11 Jul 2022

Colt DCS achieves over two million safe working hours on its Mumbai data centre. 

Colt DCS is proud to announce the that they have recently achieved over two million safe working hours at their Colt Mumbai Data Centre. This is the 2nd major health and safety milestone achieved by the Colt Mumbai Data Centre team in 2022, having hit the one million mark in February earlier this year.

In the construction  of this new hyperscale data centre facility  the health & safety for employees, partners, and everyone involved at the worksite remains to be Colt DCS’s number one priority.

By implementing a wide range of protocols and safety control measures to mitigate risks, these two million safe working hours have successfully been achieved by adopting: 

  • Health & safety briefings with complete training provided

  • Design based approach for safety first. Eliminate the risk before the works even start

  • Implementation of Behavior Based Systems (BBS)

  • Risk based approach to managing safety

  • Safety promotional activities with award and reward recognition

  • Regular site inspections and addressing the observations with plans of action

  • Maintenance of equipment and materials through periodic schedules

  • De-briefing sessions to share best practices and lessons learned

  • Independent health & safety reviews and audits on a regular basis

“ Achieving this 2nd major milestone for ensuring health and safety during the construction of our Colt Mumbai Data Centre is once again another great achievement for everyone involved. It not only demonstrates the value Colt DCS places upon its employees and its partners, but also our commitment in delivering to our customers’’.
carla haines

Maheswaran Venkataseshan - Manager of Health Safety & Quality, Colt DCS

Colt Mumbai Data Centre

On completion, this 120MW hyperscale data centre will satisfy the growing demand of India’s mass cloud migration, mobile internet, and rapid digitalisation of industries. Offering a gross site area of 62,000m2 , (the largest site in our current portfolio), our Colt Mumbai Data Centre is perfectly designed to meet the requirements of global hyperscalers and large enterprise organisations operating within India.

To find out more about why you should consider partnering with Colt DCS in Mumbai, download our Sales & Marketing brochure.

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Colt Mumbai Data Centre Brochure

Download this brochure for insight into the development of our Colt Mumbai Data Centre. It explores the market opportunities, looks behind the driving factors, and outlines the advantages of selecting this hyperscale data centre.

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