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Colt DCS and ISG Ltd emphasise on Health and Safety

17 Jun 2024

The Colt DCS London 4 project team and its construction partners, ISG Ltd, recently organised a week-long initiative which included daily on-site activities, to emphasise the importance of Health and Safety

The objective was to ensure that all staff, employees and contractors involved in the build of our new London 4 hyperscale data centre, collectively work towards achieving a zero-harm project status. 

Over the course of the week, those participating received a series of presentations, demonstrations, and masterclasses from industry experts, where training and access to the right resources were made available to guarantee the highest standards in the realm of Health and Safety.

Colt DCS ISG Safety Week

Day 1, Monday 3rd June – Opening Event & Introduction

We commenced the week with an introductory Health and Safety presentation conducted by Colt DCS and ISG Ltd which explored hazardous dust in the workplace. This was followed by a series of sessions hosted by EVIL Culture Ltd outlining program processes to improve workforce engagement and reduce onsite incidents. An “Operative of the Month” award was also presented which recognised standout contributions to the construction project for the previous month.

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Speedy Hire

Day 2, Tuesday 4th June – Demonstrations

On the second day, a demonstration by plant, tool and equipment specialists Speedy Hire was conducted, which shared best practices on areas concerning hot works, confined spaces, plant and pedestrian segregation, as well as environmentals.

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Colt DCS ISG Safety Week

Day 3, Wednesday 5th June – Presentations

On the third day, a sequence of presentations was communicated by Never Let Go on topics such as the importance of securely and safely using tool tethers to avoid objects being dropped. Further coverage included the importance of environmental initiatives and the day in the life of a labourer delivered by ISG Ltd.

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Colt DCS ISG Safety Week

Day 4, Thursday 6th June – Masterclasses

On the fourth day, a series of masterclasses were undertaken by Nationwide Platforms and ISG Ltd. These explored safety with MEWP (Mobile Elevating Work Platforms) including rescue drills which were carried out across the site.

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Colt DCS ISG Week

Day 5, Friday 7th June - Closing event and Fundraiser

The week's event concluded with a demonstration conducted by Alandale Scaffolding, which analysed the impact of being struck by falling objects. The team also helped to raise £228 for a local mental health charity #AndysManClub.

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