hyperscale data centers

The importance of hyperscale data centers

London, England, 31 Jul 2019

Hyperscale demand

Colocation data centers are evolving to meet the needs of hyperscale data centre operators by investing in and building new facilities.

The tremendous demand from these cloud service providers has led colocation data center operators to innovate quickly and build at scale for hyperscale purposes.

Companies with hyperscale needs are vital to the colocation data center industry’s growth as it’s the largest class of operators, it’s the type of data centre that’s associated with best-in-class service.

Hyperscale data center definition

The International Data Corp. (IDC) defines hyperscale data centers as:

“Large-scale data centres often architected for a homogeneous scale-out greenfield application portfolio using increasingly disaggregated, high-density, and power-optimized infrastructures. They have a minimum of 5,000 servers and are at least 10,000 sq. ft. in size but generally much larger.”

The International Data Corp. - (IDC)

Hyperscalers, as they’re also known, offer services from and operate in data centres associated with best-in-class performance and resource efficient facilities. It’s easy to see the need to build data centers of that scale when the popularity of the services offered by hyperscalers and the number of users are considered.

Global data centre traffic is projected to grow three-fold by 2021; 95% of that traffic will stem from cloud services and applications, according to Cisco.

There are a relatively small number of companies responsible for the bulk of that traffic with hyperscale needs too; Amazon Web Services, Google and Salesforce are among a group of 24 companies that dominate the hyperscale sector, according to Cisco.

Given the importance of internet companies with hyperscale needs, it’s easy to see why Colt DCS is currently building new hyperscale data centers in Mumbai and Frankfurt.

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Mumbai Hyperscale Data Center Overview

Download our Mumbai Hyperscale Data Center data sheet to view what this location has to offer.

We offer an average of 10 carriers with a Point of Presence in each site, and up to 17 customers to choose from in major European and Asian markets.

Should you require a preferred network carrier than what we already have on-site, we can assist with the on-boarding and setup requirements.

If you are considering migrating to this location, we also have a team of specialists that can support you and manage the whole process.

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