data centre connectivity solutions

Connectivity solutions

100% carrier neutral, cloud neutral and IX neutral sites

Colt DCS offers an average of ten carriers with a Point of Presence in each site – and up to 17 for customers to choose from in major European and Asian markets.

Our internal and portfolio based connectivity options means you can have extended reach into cloud, IX, carrier and other service though Colt or its carrier partners.

hyperscale cloud

Hyperscale cloud

Hyperscale cloud

We connect hyperscale cloud providers to managed service providers, systems integrators, carriers and the enterprises using the end services, bringing a rich history of more than 20 years of experience with data centres, networks and IT services delivery to your company’s operations.

What we offer:

  • Access to AWS, Azure and connections to thousands of data centres across Europe

  • 100% carrier neutral, cloud neutral and IX neutral sites

  • Data centre-to-data centre connectivity options

  • Metro market data centre connectivity in Colt DCS locations

  • Connectivity between key Asian and European markets (for example Tokyo to London)

  • Consulting services to help future proof your deployment

  • Scalable connectivity to go alongside our scalable/flexible space and power options

  • A roadmap for growth across and into new high bandwidth locations

data centre customer lifecycle

On demand connectivity between data centres

DCNet on Demand means you don’t need to be in the same datacenter as another organization to be able to communicate with them securely and at relatively low cost. You can even be in different metro markets and on different continents. Colt DCS can act as a giant virtual campus, with pre-provisioned connectivity allowing you direct access to customers across our entire portfolio including Microsoft Azure and AWS, and other datacenters around the world.

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Power cooling

Rack Solutions

Rack Solutions

Ideal for customers that are moving to hybrid cloud, need access to large public cloud providers, or that are looking to offload risk.

Flexibility and scalability

Cage & dedicated suites

Cage & dedicated suites

dedicated suite options are designed for customers that want flexible options but want to retain complete control over their environment, from environmental conditions to security.