Data centre to data centre connectivity

Data centre to data centre

Core site connectivity

Colt DCS offers connectivity between our Core sites (the home of the cloud, SIs and MSPS) and Colt DCS’s interconnection Edge locations (highly connected sites in key metros) across Asia and Europe.

We also connect to leading cloud providers and Internet Exchanges. Our locations enable you to move your mission-critical workloads to where your customers are, or boost performance for your own internal business operations.


Carrier partners

Local and global carrier choice

We are proactive in the way we work, and are the perfect partner to facilitate connectivity between carriers and service providers. As well as offering connectivity, locally and globally, our partners reach into third-party data centres and highly connected sites.

Available from all Colt DCS data centres, DCNet on Demand offers:

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    Private connectivity into cloud and other services for the price of a cross connect

  • Remote configuration of ports (configure in London to get access to Frankfurt) using Colt DCS portal

  • Lower TCO using Colt DCS connectivity options

  • Visibility into cloud, managed services, system integrators, carriers and other providers in the Colt global datacenter network

  • Modify bandwidth on demand

  • Manage disaster recovery requirements

  • VLAN management allows you to create hub and spoke topologies

  • Request additional capacity up to 1Gb

  • Fixed or flexible contracts available

DCS virtual campus

Colt DCS Virtual Campus

Colt DCS data centres act as a giant virtual campus, with pre-provisioned connectivity meaning you can have direct access to other Colt DCS customers across our entire portfolio, including Microsoft Azure and AWS, using a simple cross connect.

Establish connections with a simple cross connect to providers within our estate. Increase performance, reduce latency and add secure, resilient connections to the cloud.

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