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Internet exchange with carrier neutral data centres

100% Internet exchange, carrier & cloud neutral

Peering; public or private, is becoming increasingly important as enterprises consume more cloud services, content providers trade more traffic and Internet Service Providers connect with network providers.

At Colt DCS we are committed to providing access to leading Internet exchanges around the world inside our virtual campus and to other Internet Exchange locations.

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Colt DCS virtual campus

Colt DCS data centres act as a giant virtual campus, with pre-provisioned connectivity, meaning you can have direct access to other Colt DCS customers across our entire portfolio, including Microsoft Azure and AWS, using a simple cross connect.

How an Internet exchange helps

How an Internet exchange helps

How an Internet exchange helps

An Internet Exchange is a third-party organisation (more than often acting as a not-for-profit) that manages the infrastructure used by carriers, Internet service providers, hosting companies, content distribution networks, and increasing cloud providers and enterprises to exchange traffic. Most will offer services in line with the costs to provide the service to its members. Internet exchanges do not sell colocation services, but they do install their platforms in one or more facilities in the markets they serve. Internet Exchanges are becoming an increasingly important part of the colocation ecosystem, as they can reduce the cost for companies looking to peer traffic, reduce latency and mitigate risk. Internet Exchange's can broaden the options you have for connecting to other companies and service providers.

Who benefits from an Internet Exchange?

  • Systems Integrators

  • Carriers

  • Cloud Providers

  • Content Providers

  • Enterprises

IX usage benefits

Key benefits of using an Internet Exchange include; few hops for the transfer of data, better performance, lower costs, better security, access to new locations through IX partnerships.

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How public peering works

With public peering, multiple parties can connect to one another using the Internet Exchange’s shared switching fabric, located in a colocation data centre. This switch generally allows one-to-many switching, with most IXs offering 100Gb ports.

Colt DCS facilitates IS connectivity

Colt DCS already has a number of Internet Exchanges present in its carrier rich sites, including London Internet Exchange LINX, Japanese Internet Exchanges (JPIX, JPNAP and BBIX) and German Internet Exchanges DE-CIX and BCIX.

We also offer access to a number of additional exchanges through our carrier partnerships which provide connectivity into more than 530 data centres around the world.

data centre carrier partners

Our Internet exchange partners

Colt DCS already has a number of Internet Exchanges within our data centres. We also offer additional exchanges through our carrier partnerships.