data centre cloud connectivity

Cloud connectivity solutions

Data centres with connectivity to support your critical infrastructure requirements now and in the future

Our carrier neutral data centres all provide access to a selection of national and international carriers, ensuring your private networking, IP access and IP transit requirements are met. Multiple fibre access routes and building access means high resiliency solutions can always be supported.

As hybrid cloud platforms become the norm, we help our enterprise, system integrator and managed service provider customers connect directly to cloud service providers. From dedicated private links to the latest instant provision, flexible use private cloud connectivity services our data centres have the services modern platforms require.

Colt DCS cloud connectivity solutions are ideal for:


Enterprises looking to future proof their IT strategy with connectivity to the cloud.

Systems Integrators

Systems integrators and managed service providers concerned about latency, or cost and who want to access new services and reach new customers.


Hyperscale cloud providers

looking to broaden their market reach using Colt DCS’ global footprint and access to ends users in highly connected extended data centre locations.

Core and edge connectivity

In key geographies Colt DCS can provide dual data centres to meet the requirements of both core and edge compute.

Our edge sites provide low latency connectivity to key cities from multiple carriers, as well as having some of the worlds leading internet exchanges on site. Colt DCS has built it’s own campus networking solution to connect our core and edge data centres, enabling us to provide high capacity connectivity for customers to connect data centres as part of a total solution. 

Establish connections with a simple cross connect to providers within our estate. Increase performance, reduce latency and add secure, resilient connections to the cloud.

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Infographic virtual campus

Colt DCS Virtual Campus

The way you consume cloud services has changed the way you do data centres, so Colt DCS has changed the way we deliver them. We offer redundant carrier neutral, low latency connectivity between more cost effective, green, data centres on the edge of leading markets where the cloud lives, and core aggregation centres close to where your business and end users are.

You're in control with our on-demand portal

Our on-demand portal means these services can be delivered in an agile manner, as you require. For larger customers, we can even offer dedicated Colt DCS staff for personalised capability.

From remote hands to data centre entry, cabling requests and updates on operations, the portal places you in control and with a driver-side view of your operations 24/7, 365 days of the year. It can also provide you with a service catalogue for access to additional service offerings found through Colt DCS partnerships, carrier agreements and third-party managed services and cloud service providers.

Log-in to our customer on-demand portal, where value added service requests can be created and managed.

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Our customised Colt DCS customer portal allows you to:

  • Arrange instant secure access to data centre environments

  • Manage your environments from off-site

  • Issue and manage automated tickets

  • Add changes to network environments

  • Check on data centre or network outages

  • Issue remote hands tickets

  • Access to power, humidity, PUE and environmental information

data centre carrier partners

Our Internet exchange partners

Colt DCS already has a number of Internet Exchanges within our data centres. We also offer additional exchanges through our carrier partnerships.

Colt DCS Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) on Demand offers instant dedicated private connectivity into the cloud services your company relies upon.

You can connect to services in country and internationally, using Colt DCS  dedicated secure connections and third-party carriers using our that can provision connections in minutes once a cross connect is in place.

Get connected to the cloud

Colt DCS offers connectivity to leading cloud providers and the systems integrators and managed service providers helping to deliver cloud across its global estate.

DCNet on Demand data centre-to-data centre connectivity means you can connect to any services across our estate, or link into services offered through more than 530 third-party connected data centres.

We also offer DC Connect, which means you can establish connections with a simple cross connect to providers already within our estate, increasing performance, reducing latency, and adding secure, resilient connections to the cloud.

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