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BBIX Launches New IX Point at Colt Data Centres

Inzai, Japan, 18 Jan 2019

January 18th, 2019 Tokyo

BBIX, Inc. (“BBIX"), a subsidiary of SoftBank Corp. which conducts Internet exchange (IX) business, will be opening the new IX point “BBIX Tokyo 8” within Colt's Tokyo Shiohama Data Centre, and “BBIX Tokyo 9” within Colt’s Inzai Data Centre To provide a smooth and stable data traffic exchange for both international and domestic content providers and internet service providers, BBIX will be offering the “IX Connect Service” through both IX Points from June 2019.

Through these two new IX points, BBIX will provide “IX Connect Service” which enables seamless and stable data traffic exchange for major content providers (ISPs) in and out of Japan. Customers who connect to “BBIX Tokyo 8” or “BBIX Tokyo 9” will be able to achieve direct connectivity with more than 190 other operators who connect to BBIX’s other IX points in Tokyo and “BBIX Okinawa”, as well as those who connect to BBIX Hong Kong and BBIX Singapore via “Smart IX” without having to worry about higher international backhaul cost. Also, Colt DC service users will be able to directly connect to BBIX’s IX points.

Colt's Tokyo Shiohama Data Centre is an urban data centre with many telecommunication carriers connected. BBIX's “IX Connect Service" will offer more connectivity options to the data centre users. The Inzai Data Centre is a high power density data centre Data centre demand in the Inzai area has been increasing in recent years. Accordingly, clients have sought broader band with higher fault tolerance in their internet connections; however, present connections still remain relatively low when compared to those in urban areas. BBIX's “IX Connect Service” will provide customers operating out of the Inzai Data Centre with optimal internet service.

Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) is a carrier-neutral data centre provider, who are focused on expanding partnerships with IX companies including BBIX to allow them to offer their customers a choice of carriers and IX providers to work with via their network of data centres across Europe and Asia. Colt DCS have heavily invested in the Asia-Pacific Region in recent years to fulfill increasing traffic demands, as illustrated by opening its fifth data Centre in Japan. Through the partnership with BBIX, Colt DCS offers its customers of its Inzai Data Centre a high-speed and high quality internet connection appropriate for this increase in traffic.

Michikazu Fukuchi, Executive Vice President, Board Director and COO of BBIX said:

"We are extremely glad to be able to establish BBIX’s node in the Tokyo Shiohama and Inzai Data Centre provided by Colt DCS. In particular, while domestic and international companies are proactively building data centres in the Inzai area, they have certainly lacked in connectivity options. As the first IX provider to expand into the Inzai area, I hope BBIX will solve this connectivity problem, raise Inzai's profile as the Ashburn of Japan, and more firmly establish Japan as the data hub of the Asia-Pacific Region."

"Colt DCS is delighted to provide high-quality internet connections to our Tokyo Shiohama Data Centre and Inzai Data Centre customers, together with BBIX, a company supported by many Cloud vendors, with a sense of speed in business development. The expansion in the Inzai area in particular will provide benefits not just for Colt DCS, but also for the entire region, given the high demand for within our Inzai data centre campus. In accordance with our customers' expectations and demands, Colt DCS will continue to actively invest and expand into the Asia-Pacific Region and thereby invigorate our connectivity portfolio."
Takashi Kondo

Takashi Kondo - Director, DCS Product Management

About BBIX

Company Name: BBIX, Inc.
Address: 1-9-1 Higashi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Keiichi Makizono, President & CEO
Date of Establishment: June 13, 2003
Capital: 100 million yen
Shareholder: 100% owned by SoftBank Corp.
Business: Telecommunications operator under Japan’s Telecommunications Business Act; leasing, maintenance & management of telecommunications equipment; development, sales, maintenance & management of computer hardware/software.


About Colt Data Centre Services

About Colt Data Centre Services

Colt Data Centre Services is a leading carrier neutral data centre operator. We are trusted by our globally recognised customers to provide unparalleled service and security. Our operational excellence is verified by achieving one of the highest possible scores in the Uptime Institute’s Management and Operations award. Colt Data Centre Services has been designing, building and operating large scale data centres and providing data centre colocation services for more than 20 years at our 24 carrier-neutral data centres across Europe and Asia.

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