Inzai 2 hyperscale data center

Inzai Two hyperscale data center

Tokyo Inzai, Japan, 15 Jan 2019

The Home of Hyperscale Cloud

How Colt DCS is investing to support the Asia-Pacific cloud boom

The Asia Pacific region is experiencing a significant uptake in demand for cloud services, creating growth in the market for additional data centre facilities to deliver cloud services to local markets.

Gartner has forecast the public cloud services market in the region will grow from $10 billion today, to $13.6 billion by end 2019.

The demand for managed cloud and professional services has grown dramatically in countries like Japan, which have a mature cloud landscape. This is due to a surge in big data and other complex workloads such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) being migrated away from on-premise systems to cloud-based solutions.

Colt DCS has made significant investments in the region, and currently has five facilities in Japan alone. Its latest and largest data centre is Inzai Two, the second facility at the Inzai Campus on the edge of Tokyo, and it provides a fantastic illustration of Colt DCS’ approach to the specific needs of this growing market.

Challenges and opportunities

The rise of cloud computing, complex and high-intensity workloads, and bandwidth-heavy traffic have given rise to a huge demand for data centre services, especially those that provide a high degree of edge connectivity.

At the same time, the Pacific Rim is one of the most notoriously earthquake-prone areas of the globe. The catastrophic 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and subsequent tsunami shows how natural disasters can cause immense disruption to vital infrastructure such as transport, nuclear power and IT.

Building a state-of-the-art data centre is always a unique undertaking, but building one in Japan involves a number of specific challenges. Not least of these are the ability to cope with potential seismic activity, as well as providing access to the widest range of carriers.

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