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Customer satisfaction efforts

Barcelona, Spain, 17 Dec 2018

Colt DCS' intensive focus on customer satisfaction efforts is recognised with 51 NPS score.

Story written by: Humphrey Geldof, Customer Success Specialist.

In our 2018 customer relationship survey (CSat) across all segments, Colt DCS recorded a year overall loyalty index (NPS) score of 51, an extraordinary result that reflects the continued emphasis on customer satisfaction by employees.

Respondents rated ‘communication’ and ‘service delivery’ as the best attributes of Colt DCS customer service. The overall results across all segments and over two continents, is an eight-point increase compared to the 2017 result. The results are all the more impressive when the increased participation rate of 24% is considered.

Two other reasons for the NPS score increase are a new rich omnichannel experience and our ongoing digital transformation to a self-service online customer portal. Another reason for the significant increase in customer satisfaction is the continued focus on strong healthy stable relationships including improved account management and additional touchpoints that help Colt DCS get to know our customers intimately. They’re hallmarks of our mission to become the world’s most customer-centric data centre operator.

Market Expansion and Customer Satisfaction

2018 for Colt DCS has been a year about market expansion and focus on customer satisfaction. We announced entry into Mumbai, India and expansions of our flagship data centres in Paris and London North with another 6.9 MW and 30 MW capacity to be added to the data centres, respectively.

“We have put a lot of focus on the customer satisfaction and as a result, we have won a lot of new customers especially in the cloud provider segment. We are also able to retain and expend our business with our current customer base.”
Niclas Sanfridsson

Niclas Sanfridsson - CEO

Global Service Desk Support

In terms of customer support one of this year’s mayor project has been the unification of the Asian and European service desks to a global 24/7 365 day support desk. This change has been positively valued by our Asian customers, whose satisfaction ranking rose 11 points in comparison to last year’s CSat score.

Rich Omnichannel Experience

This year we launched our new DCS website in five languages and introduced a live chat function. This means prospect organisations can engage with us far more easily; it also gives our existing customers another avenue to talk to us should they have a question or issue.

In 2017, we started to rollout the customer self-service portal; this year the customer success team finished on-boarding customers on the tool. We also further enhanced self-service capability by adding the Remote Hands service ePoints feature, which make it easier for customers to track the Remote Hands subscription, searchable ticket history and transparency on the cost.

Additional Touchpoint Measurement

For our flagship data centres in London, Tokyo, Paris and Frankfurt, we collaborated together with Happy or Not to enable instant customer feedback. The customer on site is able to rate our service with the help of Smiley Touch devices, that allow them to indicate satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their site visit and an option to provide feedback. Each site manager can log in the web tool and see customer feedback in real time, which enables them to quickly act on urgent requests. The simple visual reporting tool provides clear and actionable analytics that helped site managers to detect trends that led to improvement actions such as site access.

“Over the last years we have consistently increased our customer portfolio, reduced the customers we lose and increased our net promoter score. All thing that creates that value which shareholder then effectively see.”
kevin kearns

Kevin Kearns - CFO

New Partner Programme Complementing Our Existing Portfolio of Services

We recently launched a new reseller/partner/referral program that complements our existing portfolio of services. We also forged partnerships with Leaseweb and INAP to support growth in the UK market.

Leaseweb’s core clients are small and medium-sized businesses in the Internet and information technology industries, with a strong focus on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses. INAP since December is open for business with self-contained Tier 3-equivalent data centre space in our North London Facility.

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