China Mobile International case study

China Mobile International Case Study

Scale and access to the Japanese market

Global telecom provider leverages Colt DCS Tokyo Inzai Three hyperscale data centre to scale quickly and give its customers easy access to the Japanese market.

China Mobile International (CMI) delivers comprehensive international telecom services and solutions to enterprises, carriers and mobile users.

Hyperscale in Japan

CMI needed a local data centre operator that could help it quickly establish telecommunications services in Japan. Yet it also needed a facility with room for it to quickly scale up and expand its operations rapidly as needed – something traditional colocation data centres did not provide.

Room for growth

Colt DCS’s Tokyo Inzai Three provided the capacity and room for growth that CMI needed. Therefore, CMI acquired a data hall of 500m² for its equipment and servers with a total power density of approximately 1.65MW.

"We are a global telecommunications company, but we need partnerships to support our business around the world. That’s why we value Colt DCS as such a critical partner. We can be confident that, no matter what region or market, Colt DCS will have the infrastructure, capacity and resource to help our operations scale with our customers’ desires."
チャイナ・モバイル・インターナショナル、ソリューションマネージャー ビリー・ワンl

Billy Wang - Solution Manager, China Mobile International

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China Mobile International Case Study

Download and discover how our hyperscale partnership has empowered CMI to keep pace with its ever-changing customer requirements, enabled them to reach out to new customers and extend their service offering.

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