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Overcoming the hurdles of international expansion

London, UK, 07 Dec 2020

Benefits of hyperscale services

Whether you are a hyperscaler or a large enterprise looking to expand, the benefits of having your data stored, shared and managed across multiple locations are aplenty – from risk mitigation to latency to customer experience.

If having an established international presence wasn’t already a priority for you, the current business climate will have made it so. Diversifying and scaling your operations across multiple regions and markets can offer the competitive advantage you need to navigate the challenging economic climate we find ourselves in today.

Yet, many struggle to expand their operations on such a large scale. There are several hurdles along the way that can trip you up as you look to grow your operations.

Let’s find out what some of these hurdles are and how you can overcome these challenges to grow your global footing.

Bypassing regulatory roadblocks

With stringent data protection and data sovereignty laws such as GDPR coming into play in recent years, there is much uncertainty around what kinds of data can be processed or collocated in specific locations, making regulatory compliance a tricky hill to climb.

There is no easy workaround to this, as laws continually evolve by the day. The best approach to staying compliant is to work hand in hand with a provider that already has presence across multiple regions so you have a range of markets to pick from and can switch locations as needed or as regulations require.

Hyperscale providers with multi-market presence will also know the intricacies and legalities around particular regulations and restrictions to help you decide where you should be operating from to make the most out of your data.

Getting the biggest bang for your buck

The infrastructure and manpower that is required to operate in multiple markets is high. While there may be a strong push factor from end-users to operate in multiple geographies, it’s simply not a cost-effective approach for a business to build its own hyperscale data centre facility in every market it’s planning to expand into. It’s a business decision at the end of the day and needs to be a cost-effective one.

The considerations that go into building a facility in multiple markets is not just about building the infrastructure itself. It also involves investment in the right connectivity, carriers, Internet Exchange (IX) providers, building an operations team with the requisite health and safety requirements, ensuring robust cyber and physical security – the list goes on.

Partnering with an international hyperscale data centre provider which already has the scalable infrastructure and manpower in these locations will be the most cost-effective solution. These providers will have pre-existing relationships with carriers and other connectivity providers and a track record in supporting other customers in the region, which offer valuable know-how and ensure you get the biggest bang for your buck.

Local market know-how is key

Expanding into a new market requires specific local market knowledge. This goes far beyond knowing the local language. It also applies to intricate understanding of the cultures, values and the way business operates in the region. It can take months, even years, to gain these critical insights to establish a strong and effective local presence.

An experienced hyperscale data centre provider will have dedicated local market teams in each region that understand and are able to add value to your needs within the specific region. Relying on their expertise will ensure your operations in the new market are efficient from the get-go.

An ongoing partnership

Working with hyperscale providers has truly evolved over the years. It is no longer a transactional, one-off relationship. Instead it is about a partnership. Your hyperscale data centre and cloud provider should have the capabilities, expertise and knowledge to support your growth areas as a business in the long-term – no matter where that may take you.

International presence can be a challenging undertaking but the benefits it brings make it a an important priority. Relying on a globally-present hyperscale provider’s expertise can make all the difference as you look to grow your business.

Learn more about Colt DCS’ international offerings across APAC and Europe.

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