Data Centre connectivity services

Data centre connectivity services

Connectivity where IT counts

Colt DCS is one of the most globally connected data centre providers. From any one of our facilities, through Colt and our partners, you can leverage pre-provisioned connectivity to any data centre or service provider, no matter where they are located in the world.

Our connectivity is 100% carrier, cloud and IX neutral, with services delivered on demand. This means we can structure connectivity around our your needs, whether you require global or local access to services, bandwidth, flexible pricing and future proofing.

carrier neutral data centres

100% Cloud, Carrier and Internet Exchange neutral

Colt DCS' history has been in connectivity. Today we are 100% carrier neutral, but still have access to the skills that enable you to connect in an efficient manner to the right services, from AWS and Azure to content providers, Internet Exchanges and other enterprises.

What we offer:

  • Access to AWS, Azure and connections to thousands of data centres across Europe

  • 100% carrier neutral, cloud neutral and IX neutral sites

  • Data centre-to-data centre connectivity options

  • Metro market data centre connectivity in Colt DCS locations

  • colt-icon-1

    Connectivity between key Asian and European markets (for example Tokyo to London)

  • Consulting services to help future proof your deployment

  • Scalable connectivity to go alongside our scalable/flexible space and power options

  • A roadmap for growth across and into new high bandwidth locations

data centre edge connectivity

Data Centres at the Edge

More computing is moving to the Edge, the logical extreme of a network away from centralised nodes, as demand for seamless access to digital services and mobile device usage surges.

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Connectivity options provided

DC Connect offers

- Simple, reliable, connectivity to carriers, ISPs and IXs - Direct connectivity to any Colt DCS tenant - Flexible options, on demand connectivity managed through our portal - Direct cabling options for secure, reliable connectivity secured by SLAs - Low latency connectivity, at a lower cost - Simple, transparent options and pricing structure

Cross connects module

- Direct connections using your choice of media, including copper and fiber - A variety of connecter types, including LC, ST, SC and RJ45

Connections terminated by you or by using Colt DCS remote hands

- Tested label and service assured - Variety of diverse routing options - Covered by our strict SLAs

Global approach, local knowledge

Data production is growing exponentially with the cloud and IoT. As a result, content is being pushed closer to the edge. The ability to connect with a wide variety of players, and the location of your mission critical assets, will become increasingly important over time. Colt DCS offers seamless service across geographies and technologies.

We connect hyperscale cloud providers to managed service providers, systems integrators, carriers and the enterprises using the end services, bringing a rich history of more than 20 years of experience with data centres, networks and IT services delivery to your company’s operations.

We provide redundant connectivity between our wholesale production sites (the home of the cloud, SIs and MSPs) and Colt DCS’s interconnection edge (highly connected sites serving key metropolitan markets across Asia and Europe) for better TCO and increased redundancy and performance, and connectivity out to leading cloud providers and Internet Exchanges (IX).

Colt DCS offers premium cross connects to different data centres in each market for customers seeking more than one location or access to services across the Colt DCS global portfolio of data centres.

Cloud connectivity and hybrid cloud infrastructure

The way you consume cloud services has changed the way you do data centres, so Colt DCS has changed the way we deliver them.

We offer redundant carrier-neutral, low latency connectivity between more cost effective, green, data centres on the edge of leading markets where the cloud lives, and core aggregation centres close to where your business and end users are.

Future-proof your hybrid cloud environmenttoday by choosing Colt DCS flexible connectivity options for the cloud.

We also offer DC Connect, which means you can establish connections with a simple cross connect to providers already within our estate, increasing performance, reducing latency, and adding secure, resilient connections to the cloud.

Dedicated Cloud Access

Colt DCS Dedicated Cloud Access (DCA) on Demand offers instant dedicated private connectivity into the cloud services your company relies upon.

You can connect to services in country and internationally, using Colt DCS dedicated connections and third-party carriers using our portal-based service that can deliver connections in minutes once a cross connect is in place.

On-demand private connections offer

Greater security and resiliency for your public cloud services

Service agility

Cost efficiencies

Flexible bandwidth up to 10Gb

The ability to buy by the minute

We understand the network

Colt’s consulting teams have a deep understanding of your business challenges and networking needs.

We offer a full range of professional services to help design a customised solutions based on your network needs.

Let Colt DCS do the heavy lifting

Colt DCS’ vetted professionals offer a range of support services that enable you to get on with running your business, from remote hands to migration assistance, disaster recovery and cross connects.

Our services are available at most locations, and many can be requested on demand using the Colt DCS Portal.

Product features

DC Connect  can link you directly to Carriers, Internet and Cloud Service Providers, Internet Exchanges, Financial Exchanges, content distributors and any other enterprise.

Data Connect offers the following features as standard:

Direct connections using your choice of media, including copper and fibre

Connector types to meet your needs, including LC, ST, SC, RJ45, etc.

Terminated by you or by using Colt DCS Remote Hands

Tested, labelled, and service assured

Prior to delivery we will help you with media and connector decisions to meet your technical requirements.

DC Connect Usage


Enterprises use DC Connect to establish private or hybrid cloud services with Cloud Service Providers

Cost effective

Enterprises connecting critical applications to multiple networks for redundancy and price competitiveness

Reduce Latency

Electronic trading exchanges maximise trades processed per second and eliminate milliseconds of latency


Content companies streaming video can link to carriers and ISPs

Cloud Service Providers

End-users benefit by running data centre interconnects in the same data centre from their networks and ISPs

Customer benefits

  • Direct connectivity with flexibility, reliability, low latency and cost-effectiveness

  • Business agility, speed and cost savings throughout our 24 global data centres

  • Straight-forward reliable connectivity to Carriers, ISPs and Internet Exchanges

  • Direct connectivity to any tenant within the data centre

  • Flexibility to connect to any of your choice of partners

  • Direct reliable cable conections

  • Fast set-up to get businesses connected with low-cost alternatives to local loops and purchased circuits

  • Low-latency via wireline network performance