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JPIX expands Tokyo data centre presence with Colt DCS

Tokyo, 6th December 2017: JPIX (Japan Internet Exchange), one of the country’s leading Internet Exchange (IX) operators, is expanding its presence to Colt DCS’ Tokyo Shiohama carrier-neutral data centre. Colt DCS has enjoyed years of strong growth across Asia, and is now expanding its connectivity capabilities to serve its customers’ requirement for optimal network solutions.

By joining Colt Shiohama, JPIX will be able to service the demand for high performance inter-connectivity from the global customers located in this data centre. Peering at Internet Exchanges is an important requirement as organisations work to most effectively distribute their content. JPIX’s global customers in Shiohama will also benefit from bi-lingual staff on-site who can respond instantly and effectively to their needs.

Furthermore, as the data centre is located in the heart of Tokyo, it provides a first-class edge location for organisations needing to be as close as possible to their users. This is a crucial consideration for many JPIX customers, especially Internet service providers (ISPs) content delivery networks (CDN) and communications services providers (CSPs).

JPIX, established as the first commercial Internet exchange (IX) in Japan in July 1997, currently provides services and 700Gps peak traffic to more than 170 customers across the Asia-Pacific region, more than any IX provider in Japan. JPIX is a completely neutral Internet Exchange and plays a vital role as a part of the core of Japan’s Internet.

“Colt was the natural choice as we look to capitalise on our recent growth,” said Ryosuke Yamazoe, CEO of Japan Internet Exchange. “Colt DCS is one of the fastest-growing data centre operators in the whole region, and it has a proven track record of providing carrier neutral facilities to a global list of customers, which is crucial to support our ambitious growth strategy."

“Colt will provide us with industry-leading resilience, speed, and global connectivity that will enable our customers to deliver the best quality online experiences for their own users.”

"We have invested heavily in our Asia-Pacific infrastructure, including five new data centres in Japan alone over the past few years. JPIX is Japan’s Internet backbone. Our new partnership is testament to our commitment to provide the best possible connectivity to customers in our data centre, helping them reduce costs and optimise the performance of their own services."
Matthew Cantwell

Matthew Cantwell - Director of Product

About JPIX 

JPIX is one of the most important internet traffic exchange point in Japan that has the highest number of members within Japanese internet exchange providers.

We are now connecting with more than 170 AS including major ISPs, CATVs and CSPs. We have 5 sites in metropolitan Tokyo, 1 site in Nagoya, 3 sites in Osaka, and operating a partnership project as JPIX Okinawa.

On July 10th 2017, JPIX celebrated its 20th anniversary. JPIX will keep sustaining the Internet backbones hereafter.

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About Colt Data Centre Services

About Colt Data Centre Services

Colt Data Centre Services is a leading carrier neutral data centre operator. We are trusted by our globally recognised customers to provide unparalleled service and security. Our operational excellence is verified by achieving one of the highest possible scores in the Uptime Institute’s Management and Operations award. Colt Data Centre Services has been designing, building and operating large scale data centres and providing data centre colocation services for more than 20 years at our 24 carrier-neutral data centres across Europe and Asia.

PR contact at Colt Data Centre Services

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    Head of PR & Communications, Colt Data Centre Services:

  • LEWIS for Colt Data Centre Services

    +44 20 7802 2626 /

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