msps and cloud providers

MSP's and Cloud Providers

High demand for colocation

Colocation services are in high demand from organizations of all sizes and industries, providing significant incremental revenues and profits for value-added resellers, systems integrators and managed service providers.

But how do you choose the right colocation partner?

Our white paper gives you important tips and valuable recommendations, and explains why Colt Data Centre Services could be the right colocation and cloud connectivity partner for you.

msps and cloud providers

MSP's and Cloud Providers

There are many reasons why partnering with a world-class colocation services provider, such as Colt DCS, makes good business sense for VARs and MSPs. For VARs, integrators and MSPs selling managed or subscription-based services, colocation is typically a foundational element in their services. For those organizations’ managed services to succeed, they need a reliable platform to underpin their ability to act as a one-stop shop for end-user customers. Topics cover the many benefits of what, and why, partnering with us is an ideal business proposition.

Colocation partnership benefits for Managed Service Providers

Graham Munro, overviews key points for Managed Service Providers to consider when selecting a colocation partnership.

Download our white paper

Discover why now is the ideal time to partner with a colocation provider.

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Why VARs and MSPs should partner for colocation services

Discover topics such as:

  • Reasons for partnering
  • Strategy considerations
  • Complimentary objectives
  • Business resources
  • Technical resources
  • Corporate resources
  • What it's like to partner with Colt DCS
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