Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency, how to improve power usage effectiveness

Power usage effectiveness

Bigger isn't always better.

Power usage effectiveness (PUE) is a widely-used data centre metric employed by operators.

The smaller the PUE number, the more efficient the data centre operations, which is the goal data centre managers strive to achieve.

Our white paper will help you to improve PUE

  • Measure power usage

  • Regulate airflow by preventing mixing of hot and cold air

  • Align hot and cold aisles

  • Introduce aisle containment

  • Reduce air flow leaks

  • Check flooring for potential air leakage

  • Control air temperature

  • Regulate humidity

  • Identify redundancies

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Energy efficiency white paper

Download and discover how you can achieve greater energy efficiency.

In our white paper, we outline the ways on how you can improve power usage effectiveness (PUE).

Become familiar with what your business and teams need to know with achieving energy efficiency.

If you would like further details about PUE, please let us know.

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