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Why Choose Colocation services from us?

About Colt Data Centre Services

Colt Data Centre Services is a leading carrier neutral data centre operator.

We are trusted by our globally recognised customers to provide unparalleled service and security. Our operational excellence is verified by achieving one of the highest possible scores in the Uptime Institute’s Management and Operations award.

Colt Data Centre Services has been designing, building and operating large scale data centres and providing data centre colocation services for more than 15 years. Over 1000 customers in the world’s most data-critical industries trust us to secure their information in our 24 carrier-neutral data centres across Europe and Asia.

There are countless reasons why Colt Data Centres’ flexible colocation solutions are the perfect choice for your business:


We aspire to our customers’ success, ensuring your growth is supported by the best infrastructure solution for your business

Innovation & design

We have designed, built, managed and innovated data centres for more than 15 years

Operational excellence

Our certified operational excellence has years of experience to deliver globally-scalable data centres in a highly dynamic IT environment

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Our people

Choose your own carrier

Choose your own carrier

DC Connect allows customers to connect directly with any number of third parties within a data centre Because our data centres are 100% carrier neutral, we are able to offer customers direct connectivity to carriers, other service providers, cloud service providers, Internet Exchanges, financial trading platforms, and content providers.


Internet Exchange and Cloud accessibility

Internet Exchange and Cloud accessibility

Every Colt DCS data centre offers highly redundant connectivity with a minimum of three physical fibre access points. This means as well as offering connectivity to leading IXs, cloud providers and the rest of the Colt DCS portfolio, we can advise whether your requirements are high or low bandwidth.

Colts data centre customers benefit from expert help 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our dedicated customer service desk is managed by data centre specialists who thrive on providing you with the technical and operational support you need, when you need it.

Our team of multi-lingual experts are based at our Colt-owned facility which ensures that they have access to all the right client information systems no matter where our customers may be based.

Customer support numbers

United Kingdom and all other regions

0800 358 3598 / +44 (0)203 140 2257


0120 81 5919 / +81 (0)3 4560 4490


0800 29 069 / +34 93550 2256

The Netherlands

0800 265 8046 / +34 93550 2259


900 802 300 / +34 9355 02253