why hyperscale

Hyperscale Revolution

A rising market phenomenon 

As growing demands fuel the need for greater capacity, hyperscale solutions are transforming the data centre market. 

Hyperscale means rapidly achieving massive scale in data and cloud computing to store, process, and transmit data using large and flexible data centres. With facilities delivering IT power in megawatts, offering a gross site area typically inexcess of 10,000 m², hyperscale data centres provide the space, power, connectivity, and infrastructure - all housed in a secure environment for customers looking to scale up or down as required.

What is driving the need for hyperscale?

The demand for hyperscale data centres has grown significantly in recent years as a result of a number of key drivers:

  • Data driven technologies

    Whether its autonomous cars, AI, IoT, AR or VR – many emerging technologies depend on vast amounts of data to function.

  • Cloud computing

    The demand for cloud computing infrastructure continues to grow at an exponential rate

  • colt-icon-1

    Mobile traffic

    The mobile industry continues to see huge growth in mobile internet and data consumption on a global basis.

  • OTT content

    Localised services are required to support the rapid adoption of OTT and video streaming services around the world.

  • Social Media

    The meteoric rise of social media platforms shows no sign of slowing. Scaling to meet demand remains crucial.

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Hyperscale Revolution E-guide

Download this guide to understand more about hyperscale data centres, what the driving factors are behind the growth of these facilities, and what powers are gained by businesses who adopt a hyperscale data centre solution.

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