data centre rack solutions

Rack Solutions

Our rack-based solutions offer:

Power commitments

Fixed or metered power pricing (or a hybrid between the two)


The ability to scale up and down with power or footprint

Power Density

High and low density options side by side


The ability to migrate workloads and undertake workload management requirements

Pay as you grow

Ability to scale up on flexible contracts with options for right of first refusal

Our flexibility service is ideal for:



Enterprises looking to future proof their IT strategy with connectivity to the cloud.

network providers

Network Providers

That want to expand into addressable markets, gain secure access to cloud service providers and require the ability to scale as their business grows alongside Colt DCS.

Cloud Providers

Cloud providers seeking solutions that can scale on a metro or global basis, and who want to develop the right solutions for customers.

managed services

Managed Service Providers & Systems Integrators

Who want to gain access to a vast ecosystem of users and cloud providers across Europe and Asia, and looking for a partner to help them expand as their markets change.