Inzai Three

Colt DCS launches its largest data centre in Japan, Inzai Three

Tokyo, Japan, 09 Nov 2020

Built for growing demand

Built to support growing demand in the region, the 27MW hyperscale facility has already achieved over 90% pre-letting.

Colt DCS today announces the launch of its Inzai Three Inzai campus, which already houses two other hyperscale facilities. Between the three data centres, there is a total of 50MW of IT power available on the campus. In response to customer demand for larger data halls, Inzai Three’s data halls are 1,000sqm each, optimising space efficiency and enabling higher density compute at an average of 3.375kW per sqm.

Inzai Three also employs the latest construction techniques to counteract the effects of any seismic activity in the region. The hyperscale superstructure sits on a system of seismic isolation mechanisms that will isolate the whole building from any seismic shifts and allowing it to move as one, rather than to sway. The result is a substantial reduction in the impact of any movement, protecting the building, customer hardware and staff on-site.

The new facility has been built to satisfy the growing demand for cloud-based solutions in the Japanese market. This is owing in part to the acceleration of Japan’s digital transformation, led by the country’s Prime Minister, Yoshihide Suga, and the Minister for Digital Transformation, Takuya Hirai. The nation is committed to unlocking the benefits of digitisation, not only for the government but also the private sector in an effort to transform the economy and society as a whole.

“The demand we are seeing within the Japanese market is unlike ever before. Hyperscale, and the scalability and agility it provides, will be essential to foster such widescale growth and we are thrilled to be supporting businesses and Cloud Service Providers in the region with the services they require.”

Hiroshige Sugihara - VP, Head of APAC

Colt DCS possesses over 21 years of experience in the Japanese market

During this time, the provider has gained significant knowledge and understanding of the local market, language and culture. This heritage and experience in managing mission-critical infrastructure will be essential as Colt DCS looks to support more multinational businesses and Cloud Service Providers within the Inzai Three facility in the coming years. Customers will benefit from Colt DCS’ unique ability to provide highly-skilled and experienced multi-lingual staff in-house to manage its facilities and provide support.

As a carrier-neutral provider, Colt DCS can also provide Inzai Three customers with the power and flexibility to choose any network carrier they want.

“While we are quite proud of our latest hyperscale facility, we are even more proud that we were able to deliver it in a responsible manner by ensuring the health and safety of our staff and contractors involved in the construction. By completing the site in a safe and timely manner, despite the pandemic disruptions of the last nine months, we are delighted to not only have delivered on our promise to clients, but to our employees and partners as well. We fully expect that demand for our high-quality hyperscale facilities will continue to grow in the Japanese market on the strength of our best-in-class operations and design and delivery expertise.”
Quy Nguyen

Quy Nguyen - Chief Sales Officer

PR contact at Colt Data Centre Services

  • Matthew Cantwell

    [email protected] Director of Product and Marketing, Colt Data Centre Services

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