Standards and compliance

Data centre standards and compliance

Colt is an ISO 14001 certified organisation

Our aim in DCS is to support this by continuously reducing our environmental impact through being focused on energy efficiency of our overall power consumption.

We ensure that best available techniques (BAT) are used on new builds, upgrades and end of life (EOL) replacement - where practical and possible. By implementing an energy and power management system (EPMS) we closely track our power usage efficiency (PUE) across the estate.

We recognise the significance of being energy compliant and will continue to meet our commitments on energy efficiency and lower PUE. Our VP led Energy Steering Group evaluate regulations and strategies across all DCS countries to implement energy efficiency best practice and behaviours. Specialist in energy and emissions are commissioned via the steering group to ensure continued compliance.

Within DCS, we promote and encourage the highest standards and best practices to improve (PUE). We:

  • Actively measure and benchmark existing energy consumption by recording, reporting and tracking power usage on a regular basis
  • Regulate air flow by creating structures to control airflow and prevent mixing of hot and cold air
  • Align hot and cold aisles so servers within the racks and rows face the correct direction
  • Reduce airflow leaks by installing rack blanking plates where no equipment is present
  • Maintain and check floors/ductwork to minimise leakage thus directing all the cold air to the correct location
  • Deploy aisle containment to ensure separation between hot and cold air and improve airflow direction
  • Actively manage air temperature by applying extended ASHRAE standards and turn off cooling units or increasing the temperature of water where cost effective and risk compliant
  • Train our teams to regulate humidity between 20 – 80% RH
  • Procure energy efficient equipment that maximises free cooling techniques - where possible
  • We check transformer voltages to ensure alignment with the supply voltage requirement for the selected equipment
  • Reduce risk and save energy by removal of isolation transformers (a design preference from the 1990s) where no longer required
  • Prevent operation of ‘zombie’ equipment - in an virtual IT environment we will promote server power configurations that activate power saving modes
  • Train our teams to validate power measurements and encourage employees to report energy saving opportunities
“DCS is focused on energy efficiency; the social responsibilities of running a large data centre estate require a commitment to continuous improvement of PUE and reductions in environmental emissions.”
Ian Dixon

Ian Dixon - Vice President of Operations

Green friendly data centres

Colt DCS’s data centres are externally audited and have won numerous awards for energy efficiency covering operations and design standards.

ITIL foundation

Aligned with ITIL

Colt DCS’ Service Operations teams work to processes structured around ITIL best practices to create a robust and controlled operational environment. These processes are followed across our estate, and our staff are all ITIL certified. The tiered structure for ITIL qualification offers flexibility for varying disciplines and allows our teams to confidently service our customers.

Colt DCS works with the customer to remove barriers, making entry into new markets a seamless process, no matter where you are in the world.

Once you are in a location, our on-site and in-country teams ensure that your operations grow in-line with your business’ expectations. A dedicated real estate team ensures our portfolio of data centres expands into the right markets at the right time.

Working with our customers is a partnership opportunity in which we work together to identify new sites around the world, building or land banking for future expansion opportunities.


ISO 14001

ISO 14001 specifies the requirements for an environmental management system that can be used to enhance environmental performance for an organization to be more sustainable.

European Code of Conduct Member

Colt DCS is a member of the European Code of Conduct for data centres.

Green Grid Member

Colt DCS is a member of The Green Grid, and as such measures energy consumption and records Power Usage Effectiveness in all its data centres.

Winner – Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

6th International Datacentre & Cloud Awards 2013 – Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

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Improved Data Centre Efficiency

DatacenterDynamics Awards EMEA 2013

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