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Hyperscale in Action

Making the most of partners

After establishing the need for a hyperscale data centre solution, you may be considering partners to deliver this requirement in more than one market across the world. Selecting a hyperscale data centre partner that can collaborate with your team and is fully aligned with your strategic objectives is essential when determining the success of the solution’s deployment.

What are the considerations for implementation and beyond?

The next stages of your journey will involve the highly complex application process across a number of major phases, from preparation to implementation and finally operation:

  • Stage 1: Preparation

    Consideration about the flexibility of your solution design, whether desired safety standards will be met, and how local market expertise can be leveraged, will all be explored here.

  • Stage 2: Implementation

    From contracting, design, and construction, followed by commissioning and testing, and finally installation - this stage will be longest and most complex part of the hyperscale data centre solution’s deployment.

  • Stage 3: Operations

    As soon as live services are delivered on site, operations will begin. Service reports, audits and meetings should be in place to ensure SLAs are being met and maintained.

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Hyperscale In Action

Managing a large-scale hyperscale project can be difficult, with shifting priorities and interests from different stakeholders.

This guide will examine the major phases of a hyperscale implementation – from preparation to installation and operation – helping you to understand the best choices and actions to take at each stage, to get the most from your investment.

Download your copy now, and if you would like further details, please let us know.

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