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AOFEI Case Study

International expansion

Chinese IT giant leverages Colt DCS hyperscale data centre expertise and global presence to expand its international network. AOFEI is one of the biggest IDC companies in China. It provides network resources to a mixture of finance, internet, gaming and corporate customers.

Building a carrier network

AOFEI was looking to expand its operations quickly. With an expansion timeframe of between two and three years, the company was targeting international markets, including the UK, France, Netherlands, and Japan to build their carrier network. 

Location, location, location

Colt DCS’s expanding hyperscale data centre portfolio includes locations such as London, Paris, Frankfurt, Rotterdam, Mumbai, Osaka and Tokyo. These facilities, strategically located, will allow AOFEI to grow into their desired markets as and when they are ready to do so.

“We want to reach previously untapped markets, across Europe, Asia and the US, expanding our customer base in the process. To achieve this in the timeframe we have set ourselves, we needed the expertise of an experienced hyperscale data centre provider, with a global presence. That’s why we partnered with Colt DCS.”
Ben Li

Ben Li - Vice President of Sales, AOFEI

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AOFEI Case Study

Download and discover why a hyperscale data centre solution was important for AOFEI, and how partnering with Colt DCS will allow them to expand operations to service customers in desired markets.

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