Layers of Security

Security layers and physical security is the deterrent to mission critical environments

London, England, 08 Jul 2019

Data centre security layers

At Colt DCS, we take security seriously, from 24/7 manned environments 365 days a year to our intelligent security monitoring systems.

Our flexible and standardised approach means you can customise from a list of security options while ensuring your most valuable assets are protected across our global portfolio.

From the gate to the rack, intelligent systems to connectivity, and across our Colt DCS security teams, our unrivalled, intelligent approach to security covers every step of your journey no matter which country you are in and which data centre.

Colt DCS can factor in layers of security designed to meet your specific needs, saving you money or enhancing protection every step of the way, no matter how big or small your data center needs. Our highly trained and audited security personnel will take the time to sit down with you to identify the risks that need to be addressed and provide security-based risk assessments.

Our standardised approach means we can keep you secure and your environment certified no matter where you are with Colt in the world. Our approach to security covers not only technology but procedures, staff and processes, which can contribute to smooth audits and help with your compliance needs.

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