leap data center migration

Leap data center migration

London, England, 12 Mar 2019

Time to move?

Moving your organisation’s infrastructure from one data centre to another is hard work.

A migration can seem like a daunting project given the hardware, operating systems and software upgrades involved as well as the mission-critical applications and services.

Nevertheless, the potential cost savings and scalability involved can make such a move worthwhile. Colt Data Centre Services can guide you through the journey to achieve those goals. The LEAP campaign, which is set to kickoff in November, will help decision makers by demystifying the migration process with a campaign that includes a series of white papers and blog posts designed to educate and help decision makers through what may seem like an overwhelming process to some.

Second, Colt DCS will provide those hoping to initiate migrations with the tools to create the business case for such a move within the ranks of their organisations. Frequently-asked questions, downloadable templates and tips on how to write a business case will be provided.

Third, migration support will be offered to decision makers in the form of supporting content such as migration tips, checklists once the migration has been approved in addition to partner identification.

To discuss migration in the meantime or throughout the Colt DCS LEAP campaign, please contact us.

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