Hyperscale data centre innovation and design

Hyperscale data centre (DC) providers need to demonstrate innovation to add value for customers

London, UK, 14 Apr 2020

The hyperscale DC market is growing at a phenomenal rate

Cloud based technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI), mobile traffic, and data proximity are the driving forces behind this growth as IT companies continue to produce more intelligent, personalised products with customer experience now becoming integral to the delivery of goods and services across any vertical.

To accommodate such demands , ‘Bigger and shinier’ and far more energy efficient hyperscale DC’s are being built every year, offering enormous amounts of floor space and IT power.

However to remain competitive, hyperscale DC providers need to continuously demonstrate ways of being innovative adding irreplaceable value for customers - be that through product or services, design, processes, or the overall experience of their end customer.

Setting the standard

When it comes to entering new markets, Colt DCS is a pioneer in setting the standard.

We are the first multinational DC provider to build a facility in India. In addition, no other hyperscale data centre provider is offering up to 100 MW of IT power in a single facility in India.

Colt DCS offers the complete hyperscale experience

Our hyperscale real estate team find land in the most thriving markets, enabling you to build a sustainable and commercially attractive business case that supports your strategic global footprint. We offer clients a complete experience with assurance, managed by our own experts from project consultancy, right through to design, build, and operation.

Customer centricity is our priority

Our vision is to be the most trusted and customer centric hyperscale data centre provider.

In 2019 our customer relationship survey (CSat) recorded a year overall loyalty index (NPS) score of 54. The overall results across all segments and over two continents, demonstrated a year-on-year increase and a staggering 37 point increase since launching the programme in 2015. This extraordinary result demonstrates the second-to-none service quality, and unmatched customer experience that hyperscale DC clients can expect.

Improving efficiencies for optimal performance

We work alongside clients, striving to influence and support output.

Reducing power usage efficiency (PUE) levels across our entire estate, hyperscale customers can expect improved efficiencies and greater power saving through sustainable data centre designs.

Embracing the very latest techniques in immersion cooling, hyperscale customers have the choice to explore a more eco-friendly option, at the same time reducing space with denser IT power requirements per rack. In relation, Colt DCS now are able to offer renewable energy in each of our European data centres, wherever this option is available.

Offering variety to add market value

We understand the importance of having a flourishing portfolio of varied IT services to compliment client infrastructure.

That’s why we partner with some of the world’s most trusted and unique technology companies to serve individual objectives.

Whether its connections to a range of cloud platforms globally and on-demand, or deploying a complete managed service, our extended portfolio ensures that hyperscale DC customers have the most suitable architecture in place.

Agility is key

We offer flexible data centre design options, to meet demand and reduce risk. Our hyperscale clients are able to significantly scale up infrastructure quickly and with ease, reducing disruption in deployment.

Whether the option is to begin a growing project in a purposely designed suite, complete data hall, or straight into an entire dedicated site, hyperscale DC customers will benefit from complete control over their environment, ensuring that operational, SLA’s, and mandatory compliance expectations are met.

A phased approach to designed components also allows for uncertainty in capacity planning to be avoided.

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