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Colt DCS provide opportunities for Women in Engineering

07 Mar 2023

At Colt Data Centre Services, we are committed to making positive changes within the workplace and creating a culture where people feel they belong. We seek to attract, develop and retain our employees through a number of initiatives including the promotion of gender equity and diversity and inclusion.  

This years’ campaign for International Women’s Day is to embrace equity. As women from all over the world come together to challenge and speak up against daily struggles, we look forward to continuing our journey to building an equitable environment for all our employees. In this blog, we discuss how we have embraced equity through our Engineering Graduate Programme.

Colt DCS Embrace Euity

What is Equity?

We refer to ‘equity’ as being fair and impartial in our processes and initiatives company-wide; ensuring that all of our employees have the appropriate resources to thrive whatever their individual needs.

How has Colt Data Centre Services embraced equity through the Engineering Graduate Programme? 

At Colt Data Centre Services, we are proud to offer a unique and comprehensive graduate programme designed to give aspiring engineers a deep understanding of the full lifecycle of a data centre. From initial design through to construction, operation, and commercial management of our data centres, our programme provides hands-on learning opportunities for new graduates.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion in the engineering field, welcoming and encouraging applications from women and other underrepresented groups worldwide. Our graduate programme provides a supportive and inclusive environment where all participants are given the opportunity to flourish and grow, regardless of their background or previous experience.

“At Colt DCS we’re working to forge a positive change for women in Engineering. Our Engineering Graduate Programme has now been running for 2 years and, each year, we aim to increase the proportion of female engineers as we seek to break the bias within the sector and encourage gender equity.”
Gilly Cooper

Gilly Cooper - Chief People Officer

In year 1 we recruited 25% female engineers and successfully increased that to 50% the following year and, with our 2023 programme underway, we look to recruit similar numbers. Our recent video campaign seeks to encourage women towards engineering, by showcasing our successful graduates as role models, and to attract them into engineering or technical roles in our growing data centre industry.

If you have graduated or will be graduating, watch our Engineering Graduate Programme Testimonial video for more insight into how our engineers have benefited from the programme. 

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