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BCS awarded Colt DCS Global Vendor Management Award

11 Jan 2023

Colt DCS partners with a variety of vendors across the globe to deliver state of the art, hyperscale data centres. For 2022, Colt DCS ranked BCS as their top quarterly performer and the inaugural winner of the Colt DCS Global Vendor Management Award.

What is the Colt DCS Global Vendor Management Award?

This award recognises the demonstration of excellence in performance when delivering on a data centre build project. As a result, BCS has been acknowledged for their outstanding Cost Management and Project Management expertise.

How was this achieved?

Assessed against stringent criteria, BCS was measured on a number of areas such as the quality of resources used, milestones and deliverables met, the direction and implementation from their leadership team, the level of commercial awareness and market knowledge, value for money, and their proficiency of Colt DCS’s systems and processes.

Why is this award important?

By awarding BCS on this fantastic achievement, this helps set a high standard for vendors with a transparent expectancy level of output to be met. In turn, this translates into an improved quality of hyperscale data centre solutions offered by Colt DCS, and thus adding greater value to Colt DCS’s customers.

“Adopting a customer centric approach is at the heart of everything we do at Colt DCS, and this can only be achieved by delivering hyperscale data centres that have been designed and built to the highest of standards. Partnering with BSC on numerous projects, the team have worked tirelessly to meet key project mile stones. Having been recognised as our Global Vendor Management Award winner is a fantastic and well deserved accomplishment for BCS, as I wouldn’t hesitate on recommending them for their cost management and project management services”.
Rosie Marburg

Rosie Marburg - Project Manager

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We optimise the delivery and performance of the technical places and spaces that enable business-critical operations. We give our clients clarity and confidence in the delivery and performance of their digital built assets today, and the capability and creativity needed to enable their business-critical strategies tomorrow.

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