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Outstanding commitments to customer service in data centre operations

14 Nov 2022

Throughout its portfolio, Colt DCS sets itself apart from its competitors through its exceptional client service, ensuring that customers feel constantly supported by the operator. In a hyperscale data centre environment, customers rely on the facilities provider to resolve any issues quickly and efficiently, keeping them online and able to serve their own customers’ needs. To meet this requirement, Colt DCS provides around-the-clock automated and human support to facilitate the best possible service. In fact, Colt DCS has achieved a Customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 72 across all customers in Europe and Asia.

"Our vision has always been, to be the most customer centric operator in the industry. Unlike others, we don’t just talk about customer centricity, we can demonstrate and evidence that we have achieved our goal through year-on-year improvement in Customer Satisfaction through our NPS. The entire Data Centre Services organisation understands its role in contributing to the customer experience from site engineers to back-office teams and that’s what makes the difference."
carla haines

Carla Haines - Senior Director of Product Marketing and Customer Experience

Access to Colt DCS’s exceptional, long-serving teams is invaluable to its customers. Because Colt DCS trains and retains staff over many years, this gives them a depth and breadth of knowledge to quickly solve any issues which may arise. In its current model, clients can access human assistance as they need it 24 hours a day and can make service requests through a simple system connecting them to engineers. The customer service and transformation team, work alongside the incident and change team – ensuring that knowledge is shared and that the entire team is equipped to meet the needs of their customers.

To hold its services and people accountable, Colt DCS’s governance approach allows senior leadership to have access to key metrics to show the functionality of the site. This customer-driven control of performance gives peace of mind to those who make decisions for service providers. By being transparent with their performance, Colt DCS’s customers gain a better return on investment and understand the role of the data centre in supporting all aspects of their day-to-day operations.

As well as training and maintaining an impressive team, Colt DCS has recently also integrated Autodesk BIM 360, cloud-based software to allow project teams to collaborate more effectively. It does this by providing access to project plans and creative tools to all parties, enabling the ability to manage large-scale, complex projects with ease. As Colt DCS’s data centres have a highly flexible, built-to-suit design, customers can dictate what they need and use this technology to clearly understand how their needs are being executed.

In recognition of Colt DCS’s unfaltering commitment and innovation to their customers, Frost and Sullivan recently awarded them with the Global Data Centre Infrastructure & Operations Customer Value Leadership Award. This award recognises ongoing proactivity from Colt DCS to increase return on investment for customers and offer consistent customer satisfaction.  As Colt DCS’s customer base expands globally, its transparency and hardworking teams will continue to attract users with the requirement for the highest levels of service. This award marks a significant step towards Colt DCS’s goal of being the most valued and customer-centric data centre provider in the market. As heavy investments in client service areas continue, Colt DCS anticipates reaching this goal and providing unmatched service to current and future customers. 

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