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Colt DCS and Syna GmbH invest in the Frankfurt Data Centre Market

28 Feb 2022

Overall, the German data centre market is thriving. Regarded as one of the most active across Europe, the country shows no sign of slowing down as it is forecasted that investment in German data centres will reach USD $6.46 billion by 2026, demonstrating a CAGR growth of 2.35% from 2021.

This surge of demand is being fueled by the digitalization of industries. With the recent implementation of  GDPR where stricter, double opt-in requirements have been set for Germany, organizations are streamlining their data processing and transmission procedures by implementing the latest compliant CRM platforms. In addition, a response to the global pandemic, an increase in cloud adoption, and emerging technology markets such as IoT, AI and Big Data analytics, has transformed the country’s digital strategies.

Although Berlin is the capital of Germany, the western city of Frankfurt can undeniably be regarded as the digital capital. Right at the heart of it being the Rhine-Main region, with its close proximity to the city’s major financial hub, robust power supply market, and direct access to one of the world's largest Internet exchange points, De-Cix.

It is here where global hyperscale data centre provider Colt Data Centre Services (Colt DCS), currently has two sites offering over 25 MW of IT power across more than 10,000 m2 of data centre space, and with plans for further development within the city.

With a strong customer appetite for high power densities, Colt DCS has teamed up with the energy distribution network operator Syna GmbH, a subsidiary of Süwag Energy Ltd.

In 2021, Syna GmbH implemented a network connection for Colt DCS at their Frankfurt West site. The hyperscale data centre is connected to Syna's Sossenheim substation via a direct medium-voltage connection, and mainly uses energy to cool servers inside the building.

“ It is becoming increasingly difficult to find suitable properties that also have an economically feasible high-performance power supply, which has been ensured in Sossenheim by Syna GmbH. The regional proximity of several data centers in one area also brings us some synergies and security in terms of availability ”.
Frank Ostermann

Frank Ostermann - Senior Project Manager, Colt DCS

Syna GmbH and Colt DCS complement each other in their ongoing projects with their market expertise. The network operator ensures the required power supply and connection is sufficiently delivered, while Colt DCS ensures the operational management of its sites exceed industry standard.

“We want to drive network expansion and digitization. With the help of feasibility studies, we check with our customers before the start on how realistic their idea is and show possible supply scenarios. We are currently planning a new redundant one together with Colt DCS. This will consist of a 110 kV grid connection for our next project in Wilhelm-Fay-Straße. Colt DCS will not need this power connection until 2024 at the earliest, ”

Martin Hager - Connection Officer, Syna GmbH.

To find out more about our Frankfurt data centres and their technical specifications, visit our location pages and download the datasheets.