Planning for power

Planning for power

London, England, 11 Jul 2019
"Organisational planning for infrastructure needs is crucial given the importance of cloud services and the high expectations placed on data centres that ensue. Planning is critical given the dependency of organisations on data centres for a seemingly unending level of capacity and high levels of performance."
Ian Dixon

Ian Dixon - Vice President of Operations

That means organisations of all sizes need to build or leverage large data centres to unlock savings or make use of processing and storage on-demand.

Planning gives organisations the ability to deliver the needed capacity, when they need it. Moreover, you can deliver the performance levels expected, be that fast storage or processing horsepower, or simply the speed at which services can be provisioned when requested by customers.

This is true whether infrastructure and operations professionals are tasked with building or remodelling a data centre exclusively for their employers, or doing the same for a larger shared services facility with multiple tenants.

However, it’s not an easy task given that modern data centres are vast and contain a substantial amount of technology. Space is finite though there are thresholds that limit how much can be held inside one facility, and how the contents can operate effectively.

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