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The need for data center professionals to prepare for 5G

London, UK, 02 Mar 2020

Next-generation data centres

Next-generation data centers will have to support an estimated ten times more capacity without seeing a similar IT budget increase thanks in large part to 5G networks.

The additional traffic is a problem as network infrastructure are strained due to application workloads. 5G networks should provide data centre professionals reason to rethink how data centers are built and enhanced in the future.

Time is of the essence for data center professionals. Industry researchers believe the impact of 5G will be felt quickly, especially in the data center, assuming latency and redundancy issues are dealt with promptly. IHS, for example, believes 5G will be ‘a catalyst that will thrust mobile technology into the exclusive realm of GPTs (General Purpose Technologies),’ making it a network technology that transforms economies.

I.T. leaders will need to develop robust 5G plans

That means making 5G plans and determining the impact on their data center architecture, and developing forthcoming solutions including procurement strategies.

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