Edge technology news

The role of data centers in an IT edge world.

London, England, 21 Jan 2019

What is Edge?

The role of the edge network and edge services are increasingly important topics to enterprises. The Internet of Things (IoT), the ubiquity of consumer internet service and mobile devices are factors that have contributed to higher user expectations making seamless access to enterprise data and consumer services a necessity.

Low latency, or delays typically incurred in the processing of network data is crucial for business users and consumers that demand the utmost efficiency and speed. Despite heavy volume of information and transactions enterprise service providers risk customer defections unless latency and congestion issues aren't minimised at the IT edge.

To deliver, companies are pushing more compute to an edge network to ensure fast and secure data access. Enterprises look to the information technology edge (IT edge) as an intermediary between local and national resources, shortening the route to heavily-used resources while providing access to more distant and potentially more expensive services on an on-demand basis. The result can be an improved client experience and, often times, a valuable strategic advantage.

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