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Supersized Download Speeds. 5G Network Technology

London, England, 16 Jan 2019

Supersized download speeds with 5G

The possibilities to come with 5G networks for consumers and businesses given promised download speeds that are 10 to 20 times faster than consumers and companies have now are seemingly endless.

Augmented reality or virtual reality applications, streaming of 4K movies, bandwidth-intensive workloads will be the norm given the higher speeds offered making it likelier that consumers will download content more often and in potentially greater volumes. The expected five times reduction in latency that comes with the next-generation networks will make the noted possibilities a reality.

Better experiences on mobiles are easier to imagine when it comes to gaming and video calls given the sometimes choppy experiences users have on networks in operation. For example, playing games on phones operating on 5G networks should result in fewer delays when interacting with systems to that effect. Similarly, wearable fitness devices could monitor your health in real time, alerting doctors as soon as any emergency arises.

Perhaps what’s most exciting about 5G networks are the many new services that have yet to be created given the additional bandwidth to come.

There are many benefits to the adoption of 5G networks for consumers and businesses, but there’s an associated impact when it comes to data centers.

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