An Introduction to 5G

An Introduction to 5G

London, England, 10 Dec 2018

5G network technology

Network technology is a seemingly ‘hum-drum’ topic best left untouched given its associated technicalities. However, the possibilities to come after 5G next-generation networks are introduced make it anything but mundane.

In short, fifth-generation mobile internet connectivity (a.k.a. 5G) proponents promise faster data download and upload speeds, more comprehensive coverage and more stable connections for consumers and businesses.

5G networks will be able to better handle network traffic by making better use of the radio spectrum and enabling a wider range of devices to access the mobile internet concurrently.

In other words, the activities we use our mobile phones for at present will be better handled in future with the help of 5G networks.

Businesses will have to wait for the benefits to be delivered. That’s because 5G networks won’t be rolled out overnight.

But SoftBank, BT, Vodafone, NTT and Orange and other operators are racing to deliver the technology first. However, service providers by and large haven’t established ‘go live’ dates. The first commercial 5G deployments are unlikely to happen before 2020.

Nevertheless, the impact for data center professionals is expected to be significant in short order given the need to deal with the demands of companies looking to reap the benefits of 5G mobile networks.

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