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Central Telemetry Platform

Hyperscale and enterprise customers are now able to use real-time telemetry data to support the management of their data centre workloads by using our Central Telemetry Platform (CTP).

The globally available solution, developed in partnership with Protiviti, a leading consulting firm and Microsoft Solutions Partner, uses the latest technology to collect intelligence about the operational performance of data centre capacity. Users of the platform are able to identify, monitor and review data centre efficiencies in order to drive operational excellence.


How can our Central Telemetry Platform help to support your data centre operations?

Whether you’re a global hyperscale cloud service provider or a large multinational corporation, having access to our CTP provides a number of benefits:

  • With access to on-site data in real-time, users can make accurate decisions. Being able to monitor data centre power usage, internal and external temperatures, and electricity usage for cooling, means that customers can immediately act upon this data by shifting processing loads to where it’s more cost-effective and reduces their carbon footprint.

  • By understanding how much energy the compute infrastructure consumes is also key to increasing energy efficiency and reducing costs. Our CTP is uniquely placed to capture information relating to environment and sustainability KPI’s from all of our globally located data centres across Europe and APAC, and can provide additional value to local or centralised sustainability teams.

  • The CTP collects data from individual data centre facilities and centralises it into one platform, accessible via an API. Therefore, users can additionally build their own applications to view and monitor the insights continuously.

To find out more about how our Central Telemetry Platform can support your data centre workload requirements, simply contact us