Data centre power and cooling design

Power & cooling solutions

Modular, flexible, redundant power and cooling

Colt DCS has more than 20 years’ experience in delivering best-in-class data centres. We are a pioneer of modular, flexible design and operation of highly resilient and efficient data centres.

Our in-house team of experts focuses on operational excellence, and builds all power and cooling infrastructure to an N+1 minimum redundancy. Colt DCS’ efficient designs are aligned to best practice and validated by third parties. We work with leading vendors to ensure we are always ahead of the curve. By using modular components, we can ensure you only need to pay for what you require today, but can future proof for your requirements tomorrow.

Innovative design also means we can couple your high and low density requirements side by side, and adopt flexible SLAs that match your power and cooling requirements.

Standards compliance

Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Colt DCS’ in house engineering, design and R&D teams have more than 20 years’ experience building and operating best-in-class data centres. This wealth of knowledge means we can serve customers with bespoke requirements, while ensuring your data centre is always online and runs with the highest efficiency levels, reducing cost to your business and impact on the environment.

Standardised yet scalable designs

Standardised designs mean you can select from a range of UPS requirements and cooling solutions across our portfolio of data centres. We can adapt our designs – and our data centres – regardless of whether you are a small retail colocation customer or large wholesale user, to offer greater control over your mission-critical assets.

Standards compliance



Colt DCS works with a standardized modular approach for cooling and UPS designs that adds scalability and flexibility to data centre designs. Our designs are based on 12MW of IT sitting on centralised generation with distributed, redundant, standalone UPSs.

Power cooling



N+1 minimum and 2N options for electrical and cooling designs across Colt DCS’ global portfolio ensure your environment is always online. Each row of racks has redundant bus bars providing an independent path back to the power source.


Operational excellence

Operational excellence

Colt DCS’ internal teams have the knowledge and ability to provide reliant and innovative solutions for all power and cooling requirements.

Leading cycle designs: Modular 2.0

Modular 2.0 is Colt’s latest iteration of our standardised approach to building data centres. It removes reliance on on-site teams for construction and reduces deployment times from industry norms of 18 to 24 months down to just six months.

Our repeatable designs mean we can deploy Modular 2.0 anywhere the market expects and our teams will have a deep understanding of how to operate these facilities on a global scale and local support. Modular 2.0 has also reduced our cost to build meaning we can offer more competitive rental rates for our customers.

Excellence in data centre design standards

Adiabatic Cooling

DX cooling available in standard designs

Hot & Cold Aisle Containment

Ensures your rack operates at a safe temperature

Energy Efficiency

Guaranteed low PUE and power monitoring using DCIM

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Fine-tune your designs through the lifecycle of your deployment

Increased Rack Count, Higher Densities

3,000 W/m2 design, 8kW to the rack

The partnership aims to promote more job opportunities for women in technology

London, 30 April 2018 – Colt Data Centre Services (DCS) today announces its pledge to support Tech She Can, an industry charter launched to encourage inclusivity and increase the number of women working in the technology industry.

The partnership aims to challenge stereotypes in the technology industry and encourage more women to get involved in the sector. Demand for data centre capacity is growing, and with this comes the need for talented individuals of equal gender to join the field.

According to research conducted by PwC into Women in Tech, over a quarter of female students have been put off a career in technology as it is too male-dominated, with only 3 per cent of female respondents saying it’s their first choice. This is evident in the fact that 23 per cent of STEM roles are held by women, and scantly 15 per cent of STEM management roles are occupied by women.

Colt DCS joins forces with other leading industry organisations on the Tech She Can Charter to inspire more women to get involved in technology careers. It will also showcase female mentors in the industry to encourage empowerment amongst peers, as well as demonstrate the wide range of future career possibilities for young women.