Colocation solutions

Flexible and Scalable Colocation Solutions


Our colocation solutions allows your business to store, protect and access critical data and equipment simply and cost-effectively at one of our secure and 100% carrier-neutral data centres across Europe & the APAC. From a single rack to a fully dedicated hall, Colt DCS colocation solutions can provide you with a flexible solution that suits your requirements now, and as your business evolves tomorrow.

Your company’s data centre requirements need to adapt to new technologies and changing business requirements. That is why we have built flexibility into every aspect of our proposition. We offer a wide range of colocation services, from rack based solutions, entire caged solutions to entire data halls.

Rack-based Solutions


Our rack based solutions are ideal for customers that are moving to hybrid cloud, and need access to large public cloud providers, entry into a new market or that are looking to offload risk, and want Colt DCS to simplify the running of the data centre environment.

Our rack-based solutions support high and low-density requirements, and can be deployed in a number of days. Customers can choose their requirements for cabinet securityconnectivity and additional services including remote hands. Our flexible terms and conditions mean you only pay for what you need, and can scale up and down along with your business’s needs.

Our rack-based solutions provide:

  • Choice of flexible rack options from single or multiple racks

  • Power options for metered or fixed power

  • Lockable racks designed for multiple form factors

  • Dual resilient power circuits to each rack

  • Conditioned power to racks with redundant UPS and onsite generators

Secure cages and dedicated suites


Our cage and dedicated suite options are designed for customers that want flexible options, with peace of mind that their racks are secure within a dedicated environment. They allow customers control over their environmental conditions to security. A Colt dedicated suite or cage provides all this with the benefits that come with operating out of one of our highly connected, carrier-neutral multi-tenanted data centre sites.

We can offer flexible cage and dedicated suites that meet your individual requirements and have consultants on hand to help ensure you have the right design. Our interconnection options and additional services mean you can have a high-end data centre experience in our shared data centres, and our flexible commercials mean you can alter your environment and solutions to suite your business’ needs.

Our Cage solutions offer:

  • A hall or dedicated suite with controlled access

  • Dedicated cages or securely contained aisles, which only you have access to

  • Control over humidity, density and other environmental factors

  • Power options for metered or fixed power

  • Dual resilient power circuits to each rack

  • Conditioned power to racks with redundant UPS and onsite generators

  • Additional security around each cage to provide area with exclusive customer access

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