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One million safe working hours achieved on Mumbai data centre

03 Feb 2022

Colt DCS achieves over one million safe working hours in the build up of soon to be launched Mumbai data centre.

Health & Safety is Colt DCS’s number one priority, to ensure that everyone on our sites goes home to their families uninjured every day. With the hyperscale revolution, the data centres of today are becoming larger, consuming and offering customers more power than ever before, as providers streamline services to meet exponential demand. With this level of market growth comes the responsibility from data centre owners and providers to ensure the health & safety of its employees and visitors.

One market in particular that is growing at a phenomenal rate is India. Earlier, Colt DCS announced the ground breaking of their first Indian hyperscale data centre facility offering 100 MW of IT power across 62,000m² of space. With the site expected to be ready for service this year, Colt DCS is proud to announce that they have achieved over one million safe working hours on site.

How have the safe working hours been achieved?

By implementing a comprehensive health & safety and quality control programme for staff and contractors during the construction phase of the project. This includes a wide range of protocols throughout the project to manage and control risk such as:

  • Health & safety briefings with complete training provided

  • Design based approach for safety first. Eliminate the risk before the works even start

  • Implementation of Behavior Based Systems (BBS)

  • Risk based approach to managing safety

  • Safety promotional activities with award and reward recognition

  • Regular site inspections and addressing the observations with plans of action

  • Maintenance of equipment and materials through periodic schedules

  • De-briefing sessions to share best practices and lessons learned

  • Independent health & safety reviews and audits on a regular basis

Why are safe working hours important?

For Colt DCS

The health & safety of our people is our top priority. Colt DCS is only as successful as its people and its partner workforces. By implementing standards, protocols, processes and measures, this demonstrates the value that Colt DCS places on its employees and its partners. In addition, it also reassures everyone about our commitment to ensuring the safety of everyone on one of our worksites.

For Colt DCS Customers

Colt DCS can’t serve its customers if its workforce is not healthy and safe. As India continues to experience an unprecedented growth of mass cloud adoption, mobile internet, and the digitalisation of industries, simultaneously, Colt DCS has the responsibility of meeting growing customer expectations by providing a best in class service delivered by their highly motivated Mumbai team.

“Achieving over one million safe working hours on site during the construction of our Mumbai data centre is a huge milestone for the team in India, and Colt DCS as a whole. It is a great indicator of just how much attention has been paid to making worker safety, the number one priority”.
carla haines

カーラ・ヘインズ  - Global Director of Service and Sales Support

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