hyperscale security

Hyperscale data centre security

hyperscale data center security

Experienced security operations

We take security seriously. The security of our buildings, infrastructure and that of our own staff as well as those of our customers are the focus of a highly experienced security operations team. Our smart approach to physical security using reactive systems ensures that all security events are detected and dealt with quickly and effectively whilst minimising the reliance on human monitoring.

Data centre security assurance

Whilst we have complete confidence in the effectiveness of our core security offering, we also understand that our customers may each have different needs and we have the flexibility and expertise to adapt our processes and systems to meet their specific needs.

Our in-house team of security specialists take the time to familiarise themselves with security policies and requirements of our customers ensuring that all required security measures are implemented with the minimum of fuss.

Once their environment is operational, the customer benefits from the assurance that the security of their assets is being managed by a dedicated team whose primary service is security.

data center security

Smarter security - our white paper to our approach to the physical protection of your data

In our FREE download, we cover data centre security elements that drive our global strategy and outline our approach to the physical protection of our customers data.

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Smarter Security

Download and discover our approach to the physical protection of your data.

Taking a proactive and smarter approach to data centre security is of the utmost importance for our business.

We identify the risks, apply physical controls and implement appropriate surveillance technologies.

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