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At Colt DCS, we pride ourselves on our expertise, knowledge and experience across the global hyperscale data centre market.

Here, you will be able to gain an in-depth understanding about the ever evolving hyperscale data centre landscape through a selection of our insightful e-guides.

Understanding the Hyperscale Revolution

As growing demands fuel the need for greater capacity, hyperscale is transforming the data centre market. Yet what is hyperscale, how can businesses respond to these changes, and is hyperscale right for them? This guide will explore the rise of hyperscale, why a business may select it as a solution, and what they should consider before they commit.

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Hyperscale in Action

As a provider of hyperscale cloud services, you may be considering partners to deliver hyperscale data centre space in markets across the world. Once your company has identified the need for a hyperscale partner in a particular geography, the next stage of your journey is a highly complex implementation. This guide will examine the major phases of this process, from preparation to implementation and operation. It will provide an understanding of what the best choices and actions are at each stage, to ensure you get the most out your investment.

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Hyperscale in Asia-Pacifc

In a challenging business climate, organisations and hyperscale cloud service providers (CSPs) need to consider all opportunities and areas for growth. For many CSPs, the APAC region remains largely unexplored - a new frontier for fresh audiences, investment and opportunities. This guide will consider the state of hyperscale data centre requirements in APAC, explain why the region is poised for explosive growth, and outline the advantages of working with an experienced hyperscale data centre partner.

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Global Hyperscale Trends

With new ways of working, technology-driven resilience, and businesses experiencing a keen digital acceleration, data is increasing at an exponential rate. To facilitate this growth, hyperscale data centres will take centre stage and will allow companies to grow like never before. This guide explores the global business trends we are seeing in an evolving business landscape. It highlights the importance of hyperscale data centres, and outlines the advantages of working with an experienced hyperscale data centre partner to succeed during a time of change.

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